Pilot plant Open day 2016 – Barcelona, Spain

On Friday the 20th of May, the project partners were glad to present the ManureEcoMine pilot installation for a nutrient-efficient processing of manure. The event was organised by the company Baucells Alibes S.A. in collaboration with the company Ahidra agua y energía, both project partners, and it took place at El Raurell, Barcelona (ES).

The event started at 10.00 am with a welcome speech from Francesc Baucells (Baucells Alibes S.A.), Carles Baronet (Mayor of Folgueroles), Joan Roca (President of the Regional Council of Osona) and Jaume Boixadera (Head of the Catalan soil section of the Department of Agriculture-Animal Husbandry-Fisheries and Feed), and closed at 7.00 pm.

During the day, the ManureEcoMine partners gave introductory presentations in Spanish and Catalan languages, on the activity carried out within the ManureEcoMine project and outcomes, with particular attention to the results obtained with the pilot installation during the operation in Spain.

The ManureEcoMine pilot installation consists of different process steps which target to maximise the nutrient recovery from manure and, at the same time, upgrading a potential waste. We invite you to check to our posters and leaflet (download material) to have more information on the structure of the ManureEcoMine pilot installation.

After each introductory presentation, tours guided the participants through the pilot installation, with through explanation on the concept, technology, operation and results of each unit, with examples of the nutrient products recovered during the pilot plant operation.

Free bags containing fertilisers recovered from the ManureEcoMine process, with compressed soil and a project leaflet comprising seeds of Forget-Me-Not flowers, were distributed to the participants, as welcome present.