Work packages

WP1 Manure characterization - Lab support for pilot design and lab optimization for pilot operation

WP leader: UdG
Partners: UdG, UGent-LabMET, Alphen, BALSA, LVA, USC, BOKU-IFA

  1. Characterization of manure and selection of co-substrate
  2. Optimization of thermophilic and mesophilic anaerobic digesters
  3. Assessment of ammonia stripping reactor configurations and operation to minimize aeration and heat energy requirements while maximizing ammonia transfer
  4. Study of process conditions for ammonium or potassium struvite at different levels of dissolved and suspended organics, while minimizing energy input of energy and chemicals
  5. Optimization of biological nitrogen removal process configuration and operation/control aiming at minimal energy use and minimal greenhouse gases emission
  6. Trace contaminant support for individual technological optimizations at lab-scale


WP2 Pilot plant design/engineering/construction - Pilot plant installation/disinfection/moving

WP leader: Colsen
Partners: Colsen, USC, BOKU-IFA, UGent-LabMET, Ahidra

  1. Congregation with project partners for optimization results of lab-scale experiments
  2. Development of a technological design
  3. Detail engineering of the technological design
  4. Terrain preparations for pilot installation
  5. Pilot construction
  6. Commissioning with technical start-up
  7. Transport of the demonstration plant towards Spain and start-up on location
  8. Transport of the demonstration plant back to The Netherlands


WP3 Technological optimization of the pilot plant

WP leader: Ahidra
Partners: Colsen, BOKU-IFA, USC, Ahidra, UGent-LabMET, LVA, BALSA, Alphen, UdG

  1. Optimization of thermophilic digestion combined with ammonia stripping
  2. Optimization of mesophilic digestion
  3. Optimization of solid-liquid separation step after digestion
  4. Optimization of nitrogen removal through biological processes
  5. Optimization of nitrogen and phosphorus removal through struvite precipitation
  6. Optimization to keep trace contaminants remain below legal thresholds


WP4 Demonstrative operation of the pilot plant

WP leader: Ahidra
Partners: Colsen, Alphen, Ahidra, BALSA, LVA

  1. Steady-state operation of the pilot at Alphen, The Netherlands
  2. Steady-state operation of the pilot in Raurell Farm from Spain
  3. Demonstration of controllable trace contaminant levels
  4. Performance evaluation of the pilot in the Netherlands and in Spain
  5. Individual and overall performance evaluation of the processes and optimal technological scheme establishment


WP5 Green fertilizer blending

WP leader: Peltracom
Partners: Peltracom, LVA, UGent-Plant, FZJ

  1. Determination of the nutritional quality of various fertilizer formulations coming from the first lab tests and safety of the blended products
  2. Fertilizer and growing media blending in order to meet the final demand of a cash crop and an ornamental plant on physical and nutritional level
  3. Fertilizer and soil enhancer blending in order to meet the final demand of outdoor or field crops on physical and nutritional level


WP6 Effect of green fertilizer blend on plant and soil

WP leader: FZJ
Partners: FZJ, UGent-Plant, Peltracom, LVA

  1. Evaluating the effects of recovered nutrients of various fertilizer formulations on plant performance and biomass yield
  2. Evaluation of plant nutrient availability at different soil pH
  3. Determination of nutrient leaching and effects on soil health and rhizosphere (micro)biology


WP7 Economic/environmental sustainability - Safety management for trace contaminants 

WP leader: UGent-AgrEcon
Partners: UGent-AcgrEcon, USC, UdG, UGent-LabMET, LVA, BOKU-SIG, FZJ, Peltracom,

  1. Economic sustainability optimization and demonstration
  2. Environmental sustainability optimization and demonstration
  3. Risk analyses and safety management for trace contaminants


​WP8 Dissemination and IP management

WP leader: UGent-LabMET
Partners: UGent-LabMET, Colsen, Ahidra

WP9 Management

WP leader: UGent-LabMET
Partners: UGent-LabMET